Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where have I been?

I feel sheepish that my last post was on March 23 - a full two months ago - when everyone knows you MUST update blogs three times a week. Or more. According to the social media gurus. Problem is, I didn't have much to say. And one of the principles I'm adopting about this blogging thing is to only blog when I have something [I think is] worth sharing.

In the meantime, I went back to the U.S. Spent five weeks "at home" doing various work and family things. Yes, had some culture shock re-entry. Most notably witnessing the distasteful behavior of drivers along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. Nobody lets you in their lane. Even with a turning signal and more than enough space so as not to be rude and cut them off. This robotic way of driving doesn't happen down under. No one is in that much of a hurry or that late or that comatose or that distracted not to notice and respond to the angst of an honest driver just trying to make a lane change for G-d's sake!

So, I did my things at home. Reunions were sweet and meaningful. I noticed and apologized for tearing up a bit when I was with my friends....just like I am ginger when breaking an egg or testing a peach or tomato for ripeness, I felt that same careful protectiveness when I was with my "intimates." Especially sweet was a weekend up in Ann Arbor celebrating AJ's graduation from Michigan. My sister Wendy was a wonderful companion and the entire experience was sort of like ordering a banana split. This indulgence though was purely emotional - definitely a cherry on top!

But lots of my friends have sons and daughters graduating and they are spending time with their families. This is not blogworthy. Nothing exotic like my tales from New Zealand. As such, I've kept the lid on the box. It doesn't quite feel legitimate to blog about life in Chicago.

But, I'm back in New Zealand now. Have been for two weeks. Enough time to save up some good stuff. To observe and caress the daily aha's cropping up. To feel inspired again by this oasis of civility and innocence. Of simplicity and wisdom. Of little things with profound impacts.

I've missed myself writing.....

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